A chance to connect to a niche market​

MatDispens is a Specialized exhibition on material dispensing technologies used in Manufacturing.

Today’s there is tenfold growth in the use of adhesives of all types; so also various greases, silicons and its types, thermal interface materials, conductive gap filling materials… etc.

Correspondingly, precision dispensing equipment is engaged across various stages of manufacturing – dispensing machines, valves, curing solutions, metering & mixing systems and attachments, spraying systems, filling systems, consumables like syringes, nozzles, tips… etc.

Matdispens aims to bring related stakeholders under one roof. It will help material & equipment suppliers educate the market on the value benefits of their solutions and inspire manufacturers to take better decisions on the apt materials and equipment for their operations.

The event will target Automotive, Aerospace and Electronics Manufacturing industry as users – buyers.

Exhibitor Profile

Dispensing Equipment – Dispensing machines, dispensing guns, Curing & Drying machines, Dispensing valves, Metering & monitoring pumps, Dispensing robots and attachments, Pressurized Fluid dispensers, Hot melt application systems, Mixing systems, Spraying Systems, Filling Systems

Dispensing Consumables and accessories – – Syringes, cartridges, needles, barrels, bottles, nozzles, tips

Testing & Measurement – Testing facilities, R&D centres, precision measuring machines, Quality inspection systems, Software etc.

Materials Adhesives of all types – Acrylic, Epoxy resin, Cyanacrylate etc., Greases and Oils, Lubricants, Coolants, Plural component materials such as Polyurethanes, Epoxies, Resins, Silicones, Conformal Coatings, Sealants, Thermal Interface Material, Thermally Conductive gap filling materials, Potting compounds, Encapsulation materials, Pastes, Joint sealing compounds

Visitor Profile

Forward-thinking managers and business leaders looking to reassess their operations:

❖     Process Engineering Department

❖     Plant / Manufacturing / Functional heads

❖     Capex procurement heads

❖     Operations / Project heads / Design heads / Product Development Managers

❖     R&D / Quality / Product Managers

What Our Exhibitors say

"For the first time in India, we have a platform exclusively on dispensing technologies and materials for the automotive and related manufacturing industries. As a committed technology contributor to Metering and Mixing applications, DOPAG is very happy to be associated with MatDispens and look forward to an eventful exhibition by Focussed Events. We are eagerly looking forward to building customer relationships, developing opportunities for business and expanding our network in the Indian automotive sector"​
Anoop Thampy
Managing Director, DOPAG India
"I feel that, given its reach, Matdispens is a suitable platform for the kind of specialty innovations that Dow India wants to showcase to its potential customer base. This is a great opportunity to network with customers, understand their product needs and provide them with the best solution possible. It provides us with the opportunity to interact customers and partners from all different industries and markets under one roof"
Sandeep Joshi
Marketing Manager, The Dow Chemical Company
“MatDispens Exhibition is a revolutionary tradeshow for material dispensing technology. Jaguar has developed advanced coating solutions for the automotive industry, which we will be showcasing. Also, we are looking to expand our customer, dealer, supplier network and to generate new corporate customers. See you there!”
Paritosh Pradhan
Proprietor, Jaguar Surface Coatings
"Emerging economies like India offer significant opportunities. They also present some unique challenges, especially the delivery of manufacturing efficiencies in a low-volume-high-mix environment. It’s easy to see that using the right technologies can help. The trouble in manufacturing fluids has been the lack of platforms where such technologies can be showcased and discussed. I’m pleased to introduce you to MatDispens 2018 as one such platform. As one of the first trade shows to focus specifically on the dispensing of manufacturing fluids, MatDispens 2018 offers a forum for technology vendors and users to meet, interact, discuss and disseminate the most current and the most appropriate material dispensing technologies. If you are a user of fluids in manufacturing, you are very likely to learn something at this show that will transform your business."
Suprotik Das
Managing Director, Nordson India Pvt. Ltd.
"Since 1997, we have been engaged in manufacturing and supplying an extensive conglomerate of engineering chemicals, adhesives & Sealants, Thermel and Electrical insulative chemicals and compounds, NVH and Gel electrolytes for Gel batteries Solar/Renewable/ EV/HEV applications. We wanted to say a huge thank you for taking up this niche subject. Going by your track record, we have great expectations from MatDispen, evidenced by our experience for 6-7 times we exhibited with you. Looking forward!"
Vasu Dadala
Techno-Commercial Consultant, Neuron Material Sciences

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