A specialised exhibition on Material Dispensing equipment in Manufacturing

28 – 30 November, 2018, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

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Dispensing is indispensable

Consumer demands for  smaller products and curved shapes have led to tenfold growth in the use of performance polymers. To stay competitive and relevant, manufacturers are challenging traditional methods, dispensing equipment is becoming a part of almost all stages of manufacturing.

Matdispens will bring a niche user base from Automotive OEM and Component manufacturers, Electric vehicle manufacturers, Aerospace component manufacturers and Electronics Manufacturers and providers of materials and dispensing equipment under one roof.

Exhibition Floor

From users on the shopfloor to plant and functional executives, all of our 3,000 attendees are looking to stay on top of the latest trends, meet their next tech provider or partner. Never before was there a gathering of suppliers from such a niche segment in a single place.

Keynote Sessions & Workshops

Process Engineering, Product development professionals, entrepreneurs R&D, Quality and CEOs and policymakers – forward-thinking managers and business leaders looking to reassess their operations will attend our workshops and keynotes

Exhibit Profile

Dispensing Equipment –Dispensing machines, dispensing guns, Curing & Drying machines, Dispensing valves, Metering & monitoring pumps, Dispensing robots and attachments, Pressurized Fluid dispensers, Hot melt application systems, Mixing systems, Spraying Systems, Filling Systems

Dispensing Consumables and accessories – Syringes, cartridges, needles, barrels, bottles, nozzles, tips

Testing & Measurement –Testing facilities, R&D centres, precision measuring machines, Quality inspection systems, Software etc.

Materials – Adhesives of all types -Acrylic, Epoxy resin, Cyanacrylateetc., Plural component materials such as Polyurethanes, Epoxies, Resins, Silicones, Conformal Coatings, Sealants, Thermal Interface Material, Thermally Conductive gap filling materials, Potting compounds, Encapsulation materials, Pastes, Joint sealing compounds

Lubrication is going through transformational changes powered by many factors such as Industry 4.0, IIOT, globalization and environmental protection.

Lubrication must be enabled to meet altered demands. Lubrication India aims to explore these trends in the context of the opportunities they represent to both suppliers and users in the years ahead.

Lubrication India is a gathering of companies driving change in the lubrication industry, and will feature Metal-working fluids, automotive lubricants and industrial greases etc.

Exhibiting at this pavillion provides an ideal forum to connect with industrial professionals from Automotive, Aerospace industry.

Exhibit Profile – Metal working fluids, Greases and Oils, Automotive end-of-line oils, lubricants, Coolants

Some current participants

What Exhibitors are saying...

"As one of the first trade shows to focus specifically on the dispensing of manufacturing fluids, MatDispens 2018 offers a forum for technology vendors and users to meet, interact, discuss and disseminate the most current and the most appropriate material dispensing technologies"
Suprotik Das
MD, Nordson India
"Matdispens is suitable for the kind of specialty innovations that Dow India wants to showcase to its customer base. This is a great opportunity to understand customer needs and provide the best solution possible and interact customers and partners from different industries and markets under one roof"
Sandeep Joshi
Marketing Manager, Dow Chemicals
"Finally, we have a platform exclusively on dispensing technologies and materials for manufacturing. As a committed technology contributor to Metering and Mixing applications, DOPAG is looking forward to developing opportunities for business and expanding our network in the Indian automotive sector"
Anoop Thampy
MD, Dopag India
"Performance polymers are redefining manufacturing. TwinEngineers is at the forefront enabling new applications with its world-leading mixing and dispensing technology. The Indian market will get to see this and the other vast range of mixing and dispensing technology converged on a single platform. I congratulate team MatDispense for making it happen.
Sanchita Bhalwankar
Director, Twin Engineers
Sonderhoff-Henkel Chemicals and Engineering are pioneers in sealing, gluing and potting chemicals and dispensing machines. MatDispens is a much required platform to showcase the technological developments in the fluid dispensing technology. We wish you the very best in this effort to address the needs of a niche industry!
M. K Narasinga Rao
MD, Magal Engineering Co
“MatDispens Exhibition is a revolutionary tradeshow for material dispensing technology. Jaguar Surface Coating Equipments has developed advanced coating solutions for the automotive industry, which we will be showcasing. Also, we are looking to expand our customer, dealer, supplier network and generate new corporate customers. See you there!”
Paritosh Pradhan
Prop, Jaguar Surface Coating Equipments

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