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24-April, 2019 – Hyatt Regency, Pune

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Virtual and Augmented reality is changing how manufacturing works.

According to a recent survey by PWC, more than 1 in 3 U.S. manufacturers are considering adopting VR and AR for Design, Manufacturing Planning and Maintenance.

Early adopters are thinking innovatively and coming up with ways to improve worker safety, speed up time to market, reduce training costs and increase productivity to stay competitive in the manufacturing marketplace.

After almost 50 years, VR technology now looks ready for prime-time.

Empowering Design, Manufacturing, Training and Sales and Marketing

VRTECH is a series of events exclusively focusing on exploring how Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D Simulation Technologies can serve and empower Design, Manufacturing and Training. The intended beneficiary industries are Automotive and Aerospace.

Design and build

With VR and AR, product designers are able to explore options that would have been cost- or time-prohibitive in the past. Users are able to use advanced CAD software to create and edit 3D models directly in virtual space. Simulation platforms are tailored to the manufacturing environment and companies that do this well will thrive during the next revolution – Industry 4.0.


AR and VR can speed the onboarding of new workers and improve worker productivity by offering more immersive on-the-job training. AR smart glasses that project video, graphics and text can visually guide a worker, step by step, through assembly or maintenance tasks. All that's needed for the worker to complete a repair, for instance, is to gaze at the machine part to be repaired.

Virtual Factory

Designing a production facility involves complex decisions such as physical space required, debris removal, lighting etc. Incorrect placement can make a plant inefficient. Virtual factory enables users to learn the elements that make up the environment, analyze and pinpoint flaws in the manufacturing process before they occur on the actual factory floor.

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The applaud inspired us...

The challenge of remaining competitive can be met only by continuing to reduce costs, improving quality and giving greater value to customers. Virtual reality can significantly help in this effort, especially by reducing time and cost of bringing products to the market, and enabling various activities to be visualized, without actual physical model building.
I am glad this conference will bring focus on this important technological tool, that can assist the ‘Make in India’ effort by increasing the competitiveness of Indian industry.

R. C. Bhargava, Chairman - Maruti Suzuki Ltd.

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18-April-2018, Hyatt Regency Pune - 24 high profile speakers - 171 highly interested attendees
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