Creating "Blue oceans" in Trade Shows and Conferences

Who we are

Focussed Events is a 15 year old Indian exhibition and conference organising company. We are strong in creating new, original and meaningful event concepts on present day subjects.

2 of our events were acquired by German MNCs Messe Frankfurt and Messe München, a testimony to the value we are creating in the marketplace.

Creating Blue Oceans in Trade Show and Conferences
Tradeshows and Conferences create representative marketplaces where users of technology and products meet with sellers, providers and enablers in a single place. It enables forming the right connects, paving the way for future business, alliances and partnerships.

Today’s marketplace has become congested. Too many competing events offering the same value proposition are vying for the marketer’s attention, creating apathy.

Multiple same-industry events force tradeshow organizers to adopt competition-based strategies to acquire the same exhibitor for their shows. With shrinking marketing budgets. To sustain themselves, tradeshow organizers attempt to build competitive advantages over their competition, usually by offering the same service better or cheaper.

Organizers today are focusing on dividing up the “red ocean”, where growth is increasingly limited.

No to obsolete subjects

Several exhibitions being held in India today are outdated concepts that are being conducted over 20+ years. Technology and market systems have changed a lot over this period. Visitors / attendees are getting tired of the same old exhibits, the same old exhibitors. Footfalls are falling. Organizers are bleeding because of the reduced value they receive per Sq M of space sold.

Focussed Events is taking a hard look at new market space and ways to reinvent the industry, to go beyond competing and focus only on innovation. We aim to create new, original tradeshow concepts, or “blue oceans” and develop fresh, uncontested, growing markets.

We are hoping this will create a leap in value for all – exhibitors, visitors, and organisers while unlocking new demand and making the word ‘competition’ irrelevant.

Managed events: we have been official event partners for audience generation for events by ARAI, AMS Conference, Indo-German Conferences by OPPI, Expomedia, CII, FISITA World Automotive Congress and Messe München.

International: Manufacturing Expo, Thailand & Vietnam, AAITF Schenzen.

Company Timeline

A brief video of what we did since inception

What we do

Own Trade Shows and Conferences

The company has created and launched 8 new and original trade shows
Our events have proved exceptionally powerful for participants. Two of event brands were acquired by German Tradefair leaders Messe Munchen and Messe Frankfurt respectively.

Management Contracts

We offer services to tradeshow and conference organizers and Associations
Official event partners for AMS conference, CII's Automotive R&D Summit, OPPI's Indo-German Conference on Plastics in Automotive, ARAI's Automotive Manufacturing and Materials and ADMET, Messe Munchen's EP-India, SAE's FISITA Automotive Congress

International Shows

Business Development and Sales support services to International organizers
Organizers of India Pavilion for REED's Automotive Manufacturing Expo in Bangkok and Hanoi, TARSUS's AAITF Shenzhen and MTC Indonesia

Turnkey Private Exhibitions

We can help you plan and execute your own private exhibition in any city in India
We bring your users from our database curated over 15 years! We take up turnkey planning and execution of your customer events.

Portfolio of Shows created

Exhibition on Industrial Productivity 2006, 2007

An exhibition of Technologoes for Automotive Manufacturing 2008 – 2014, brand sold to Messe Frankfurt

An exhibition of Laser Applications in Manufacturing. Brand sold to Messe Munchen, 2010, 2011.

A seminar of Automotive Professionals, fostering innovation at the Automotive plant 2013

Recognising Plant Managers for Innovation and Creative application of Automation, 2011, 2012

A publication on Automotive factories in India – 2011, 2012, 2013

A Conference on Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications in Design and Manufacturing, 2018, 2019

An exhibition of Materials and Dispensing Solutions for Manufacturing, 2018

My mission is to create powerful, meaningful events for industry that help businesses connect with their target audiences

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