MatDispens 2019 Seminar

Unmissable sessions to attend






Ulhas Peddawad

Director, Rampf Production Systems

Ramesh Balasubramanian

CEO, Keystone Inc

Prasad Gurjal

Managing Partner, Drive Technologies

Ravishankar Subramanian

Manager – Technical Service & Development, Dow Chemical

Samvar Mavani

Director, Mosil Lubricants

Mr Ravi Zaidu

Business Coach, Mosil Lubricants

Siddharth Shah

Vice President Sales & Technical, Molygraph

Kashish Jindal

Director, VIP Lubricants

Vaibhav Modak

General Manager, Adhesive Systems, South Asia, Nordson India Pvt. Ltd.

Luigi DeLuca

General Manager, Beinlich Pumps

Vivek Ghewari

Business Dev. Manager, ViscoTec India

Dario Pigliafreddo

Composites Product Manager, Automotive and Windpower, Afros S.p.A.

Vinod Purohit

VP(Business Development), Expanded Polymer Systems Pvt Ltd.

Lakshmi Narayanan

Associate Vice President - Research & Consulting, Marketsandmarkets

*Please Note: The above program schedule is subject to last minute changes.