Adhesive use in Packaging

Packaging is a huge user of adhesives and dispensing solutions.

Almost all industrial produce is sold in packaging. Today it functions not only as protection and storage but also enables easy transportation, while making the product visually appealing. Manufacturers are constantly innovating, using newer materials for Packaging to enhance not only the look but also its functionality.

Adhesives play an pivotal role in the construction and application of most packaging formats, both rigid and flexible. From modern dispersion adhesives for film lamination to reactive hot melts for bonding folding boxes.

Adhesives based on reactive polyurethanes are indispensable in the production of flexible packaging, being used to laminate two or more layers together. Water-based adhesives, containing starch, dextrin and / or casein, have labelling applications and applied to tissue and paper bonding with the addition of cellulose or cellulose derivatives.

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