Adhesives in Electronics

The most elementary unit of any electronic device is the Printed Circuit Board, or PCB for short. PCBs are made from components that have been mounted on its surface. This is achieved by using adhesives.

Conformal Coating, Potting and Encapsulation are some of the key processes used in the electronics industry. Furthermore, there is an increasing use of industrial sensors and communication hardware in the era of machine-to-machine communication and this is driving supplementary demand for adhesive materials.

The electronics adhesives market is expected to be worth $6 billion by 2020 and coupled with that growth will be further investment in supporting equipment and services, e.g. precision dispensing, fast-curing devices and product inspection.

Furthermore, as electronic devices become ever smaller and move to wafer-level processing (WLP), the demands on semiconductor packaging materials (encapsulation) are becoming pronounced.

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