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"It's nice to see a number of people coming together who have the same use of language - which is Virtual Reality; and I believe to use of the technology is being very well presented here."
Steven Woolley
CTO, Mahindra Electric Mobility
"Focussed Events have put together a very good event by bringing in not only the thought leaders but also have very good participative audience. I really see that it really came out very well.."
Sridhar Sunkad
Managing Director, EON Reality
"After a long period of time, I got the chance to actually connect with a lot of people - from whom I expect a lot of solutions. This is definitely going to help me bring in VR-AR in Maruti..."
Ashit Kumar Jha
GM-Digital Engg, Maruti Suzuki India
"There was very good participation across industries and top names. From Automotive, in my own panel, there was Tata Motors, Maruti, John Deere, Fiat... it was very good participation."
Anshul Gupta
Director, ESI Group
"It was a very good event with a lot of technical content and very good speakers; a timely initiative, which will bring in focus what is in store for the players in the field. It will go a long way."
Arunakar Mishra
MD & CEO, Genser Aerospace
"..first time something like this has happened in India... got a good opportunity to talk with Senior Executives - very relevant persons who spent their full day to to understand VR-AR Technologies."
Hardhyan Singh
Technical Sales Manager, PTC
“Virtual Reality is the key to remain competitive. Application of virtual reality will help to reduce costs, lead time and efforts in the new product development and facility design.”
M. M. Singh
Executive Advisor Maruti Suzuki India
"VR AR will transform how we live and interact with each and with this world". A paradigm shift which will allow us to do better, save time and cost of training and learning across enterprises".
Shujat Mirza
UAE Chapter President , VRARA
"This is ACTUALLY what is needed! From both - ARVR as well as Business point-of-view. To get these people together, exchange ideas and create solutions which would help create an ARVR ecosystem."
Ninad Chhaya
CEO, Gophygital
“The organising theme, that is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality - is really innovative and excellent. I haven't seen any other institution in India taking up this topic”
Sudhir Gurtoo
Zonal Chairman, CII & MD, Leadec
"I needed to understand ARVR technology and advancements, how others are using it and whether I can collaborate with someone for an application to be used within Tata Motors"
Ajay Purohit
Tech Chief, Tata Motors
"This is the KEY ARVR event in India, very 'focussed' and brings the right set of people. I encourage them & am thankful for getting me really good customers & really good business connections"
Harsha Kikkeri
CEO, Holosuit