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The Changing face of Manufacturing​

Consumer preferences are moving toward flawless, miniature, efficient, safe, light and durable products with curved shapes. This has compelled manufacturers to adopt the use of diverse materials which require superior, safe and invisible fastening and bonding technologies.

This has led to tenfold increase in the use of Adhesives, Sealants, PU and tapes since they offer tremendous structural, functional and aesthetic advantages. Precise and reliable dispensing equipment has become crucial for all mass production applications—from sealing mobile phones to building automobiles. 

MatDispens (earlier owned by Focussed Events, Mumbai) aims to explore these trends in the context of opportunities to suppliers in the years ahead

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Gaining market insights

The 2nd edition of MatDispens (previously owned by Focussed Events, Mumbai) concluded with keen interest from a growing user base of quality-conscious product manufacturers.

It offered a comprehensive range of solutions for adhesive and sealant dispensing, metering and mixing technologies.

For the first time, the ever-important subject of industrial Lubrication was taken up at “Lubrication India”, a co-located theme pavilion at the show.

The event also hosted Expert Talks by renowned Industry authorities sharing views and innovations in a charming little open seminar area. It was attended by forward-thinking production executives – who are always looking for ways to increase efficiency, accuracy to streamline processes and improve quality.

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Niche, targeted subject

The show’s single technology-type grouping of providers enable visitors to have the kind of market insight that is just not possible to get at other engineering fairs.

There were 45 exhibitors, just a few more than the previous edition. The visitor count grew by 25% to 1503.

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