In the world today we live with our electronic gadgets. The backbone in an electronic device is the PCB. Electronics Components are mounted on the PCB’s surface using adhesives.

Some key processes in electronics industry are Conformal Coating, Potting and Encapsulation, and these are adhesive based processes.

Of late, the move toward Industry 4.0 and machine-to-machine communication is using more industrial sensors and communication hardware. This is transforming Manufacturing processes. This is the reason why the demand for adhesive materials is going up sharply.

By next year, i.e. 2020, the expected worth of the electronics adhesives market will be $6 billion. Growth projections beyond that is even more dramatic. Read this article in the Adhesives Magazine.

Coupled with all this growth in the use of Performance Materials, there is further investment expected in supporting equipment and services. Dispensing, fast-curing devices and product inspection automation systems will see an upswing.

Furthermore, as electronic devices become ever smaller and move to wafer-level processing (WLP), the demands on semiconductor packaging materials (encapsulation) are becoming more and more pronounced.

Adhesives and Sealants will no doubt play a major role in shaping our products in the years to come!

Mumbai will host a new powerful exhibition MatDispens 2019 in November 2019. It will showcase Adhesives, Sealants, Silicones and Dispensing solutions for diverse industries.

The upcoming event is the 2nd in the series. Please see a video report here

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