Adhesives in Automobile Manufacturing

In recent times, automobiles have seen huge technological improvements. Vehicles are getting increasingly efficient, safe, light, durable, eco-friendly, energy efficient, corrosion resistant and have greatly reduced emissions.

Customers expect efficient handling of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and maximum driver and passenger comfort from their cars.

Today, manufacturers have to use diverse materials such as metal, glass, rubber, reinforced plastics and composites. But when working with such dissimilar materials, there is a need for superior, safe and invisible bonding technologies. They are redefining their manufacturing processes.

Further, there is an increasing demand to reduce vehicle weight, driving adhesives and sealants usage further.

Car manufacturers have been using adhesives and sealants to bond and seal interiors, exteriors, under the hood, under chassis and many other related applications.

At the moment, exterior application is the category that generates most of the demand for adhesives and sealants. Interior applications follow close.

The average car uses almost 25kg of adhesives for its manufacture, and the number is increasing.

Heavy battery packs and heat-stressed structural joints in Electric Vehicles (EV) present new challenges. Innovative structural adhesives, thermally-resistant and electrically-conductive materials help to meet these challenges. These materials need specialized dispensing and curing equipment.

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